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Medical and Scientific Writing Specialists
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medical and scientific writing

 Product information documents and other literature
Protocols for clinical trials (drugs / medical devices)
Case report form design for clinical trials
Study manuals for clinical trials
Patient informed consent forms for clinical trials
Patient information sheets for clinical trials
Patient information leaflets
Data analysis in Excel and Access
Clinical trial final reports
Commercial abstracts of key scientific/clinical/medical papers
Abstracts and journal articles
Symposium posters
Product monographs
Training kits/manuals
Patient education literature
Continuing medical education literature
Professional assistance with scientific/clinical papers
Reviews for publication in medical or scientific journals
Educational seminars to professionals based on up-to-date research
Press releases
Translations of medical and scientific papers into English
Summary reviews of medical and scientific literature
Drug literature search and analysis

 Presentations aids
Text, artwork, layout and printing of slides and overhead projections
Presentation notes
Leave-behind pieces

 Web technology
Website design text, artwork and layout
Documents formatted especially for internet and intranet publication

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